on the road again...

We are heading to Kentucky tomorrow. It is a 14+ hour driving trip so we're breaking it up into two seven hour road trips:  Erie, PA on Wednesday and Paris, KY on Thursday. On Friday we'll see the young couple and spend a bit of time with their families as we finalize details on the ceremony. On Saturday, we'll celebrate God's gift of love with these two women in a beautiful outdoor setting. And then, it is back on the road again come Sunday: we'll make it to Frederick, MD that night and visit with my dear sister and her family; and truck on home Monday. as I have church council that night. We're interviewing a woman from the congregation who is ready to enter the ordination process for ministerial standing in the United Church of Christ. And there are a few other major decisions to be addressed at council, too.
After returning from Kentucky, we'll be getting ready for the 9th CROP Walk we've sponsored in Pittsfield. For those who don't know much about CROP Walks, they are a major resource for funding and information sharing about the ministries of economic development and emergency relief organized by Church World Service. (Find out more here @ http://cwsglobal.org/) Dollar for dollar, CWS is one of the best investments going as only 10 cents per dollar goes to any administrative expenses. CWS not only does its homework about long-term needs, but they maintain strong relationships with care givers on the ground. It is a privilege and blessing to be a part of strengthening their work in a broken world. (NOTE: we'll also get a chance to celebrate my main man Louie's third birthday, too!)
Then it is on to implementing new changes in ministry, celebrating Eucharist, caring for the community of faith, All Saints Day, Veterans' Day, Christ the King Sunday - and Advent 2016! All of which is to say that I will not be posting much of anything here for the next week. See you after Kentucky. We raise prayers as our Jewish loved ones enter Yom Kippur. We pray for peace and justice for our sisters and brothers in Syria and Palestine. We grieve with our kin still reeling from Hurricane Matthew in Haiti. And trust that our small acts of love - shared with vigor - will bring a bit of hope to those most in need.


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