U2 at christmas...

The new U2 album is out and I hope to listen to it before Christmas. That hasn't happened yet, but life is full when a loved one injures her back, a saint of the the church suddenly dies and you're planning the closing liturgies of a long ministry. There are some older, really potent U2 songs that cry out for posting as the Advent season ripens for believers.

One is the reworking of Greg Lake's "I Believe in Father Christmas." Check it out
and try to convince me that it doesn't evoke some of the tender hope the Christ child brings into the world...

The other is more somber, "Peace on Earth" from their comeback album, All That You Can't Leave Behind." It hurts to hear this song - and it should - given the avarice, cruelty and blind disregard for the least of Christ's sisters and brothers. Every time I hear it I am taken deeper in confession and renewal.


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