Thursday, April 12, 2018

here we come...

Ah Montréal, comme on t'aime! We return a year after the completion of Di's credentialing to teach English as Another Language. It is a beautiful and holy place for us both. And, for good or ill, the city is likely to get hit with another four inches of snow this weekend after temperatures have soared into the 60s F. To be sure, we will ponder the big questions looming before us as we wrestle with selling our home. But we'll also just chill, walk around even in the snow, and take in excellent French jazz.

Last year at this time most of my days - and many of my nights - were solo time. Di left before 8 am and then, after an early supper, worked until the wee hours of the night. So I did Monsieur Flâneur. This year will be different - and sweeter still. Jusque-là, mes amis, bénédictions à vous tous!

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