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APOLOGIES: Dear friends - I had a picture posted here earlier that suggested shadow and truth to me (at first) but upon closer examination turned out to be totally unacceptable for this blog. I ask your forgiveness. RJ

I am beginning work on a special project re: worship, our encounter with beauty and contemporary music (especially U2) and would like your wisdom/help. As I collaborate with a local jazz/classical pianist - as well as my own trio - it would help me greatly to hear your thoughts about:

1) What U2 songs (and others) speak to you about how beauty touches/heals our wounds?

2) What songs do you relate to the following text from scripture: the final chapter of Job 42 -I am particularly fond of poet Stephen Mitchell's rendering of 42: 1-6.

3) Visual images - paintings, films, etc - that express the power of beauty to bringing healing.

As those of you who read this blog know, I am committed to going deeper into uncharted territory so don't be afraid to be edgy or subversive: Walter Breuggemann is clear that in times of chaos and oppression, God calls us to go to the periphery - in scripture, sociology and art - in order to hear a word of challenge, healing, hope and liberation. To date, the U2 songs that speak to me on this theme include: Dirty Day, Daddy's Gonna Pay for Your Crashed Car, Mofo, Beautiful Day, Grace and Pride.

I look forward to hearing from you as this project matures. Many thanks.


Black Pete said…
Baba O'Riley, by The Who--reassuring and powerful at the same time.

Why Do We Hunger for Beauty--Jim Croegaert (recorded by Steve Bell); very meditative

Fix You--Coldplay; not sure

I Can See Clearly Now--Johnny Nash, or the Jimmy Cliff version

Dark night of the Soul--Steve Bell, on his Solace album

Hurdy Gurdy Man --Donovan (?)

Rise Above--Oysterband, from Rise Above

Bright Morning Star--Oysterband, same album

NB: these aren't all "on topic", so to speak; they just speak to me
RJ said…
OMG Pete... I love these suggestions and really appreciate your words. I know most but not all and will do some checking. Many, many thanks.

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