A little blessing

This morning I spoke about sharing little blessings with one another - blessings of love, kindness, hope and beauty in the real world - as a way of restoring and healing our community. And then right after worship I received a blessing: one of my new friends, a photo journalist, took a little clip of music I had shared with him a few weeks back and set it to images of our town. He calls it "Writing on the Wall" and it was a blessing to me - and I hope to others, too.

Then we walked around downtown for the afternoon "Ethnic Festival" and saw more signs of people here pulling together to help reinvent and heal the community... grace is rising now at last.


Cosmo said…
A great little view into where you live. Looking forward to the song! Like the look of the lyrics too - redemption, renewal, healings, hope all wrapped in grace.
RJ said…
Thanks, man. I finished it up this weekend and will find a way to record and post it soon. Thanks for your support.

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