Small acts of beauty - redux

After spending the morning in a canoe on the Housatonic River pulling up garbage, whiskey bottles, Styrofoam and God only knows what else with Liz... and seeing my church mates plugging way at tires and all sorts of other human debris in this once and future beautiful river, my mind drifted to this moment in the TV show, "Northern Exposure." I think Chris says it better than I ever could so just enjoy knowing that small acts of beauty - even the outrageous ones - matter. I love living in a place where people still care and act like it.


Black Pete said…
And a belated happy anniversary to you and your pastorate, RJ. Good work all round.
RJ said…
Thanks, my man. It has been a blessing; the hardest thing was to get used to the COLD (after all those years in the desert!) I am grateful... and really appreciate hearing from you.

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