A feast of fools...

Here's hoping that a new "fringe arts" event really takes off this weekend. Inspired partially by the ancient "feast of fools," this weekend's events include a masquerade ball, mimes and clowns for the children as well as a new, original play lampooning some of the history of the community's first church.... and that would be us!
I thought it a grand idea to not only support this local arts endeavor but also to host a spoof on our tradition. Let me tell you that some New England history buffs have turned tradition into a fetish that cannot be altered - way too freakin' self-important for my tastes - so let's lighten up.

And what better way to show the creative folk in town who are curious about us but are still suspicious of our past that we can laugh at ourselves with the best of those. In fact, let's clearly say that we embrace the fact that once we were at the core of the elite, but now we are on the fringe, too.

Further, it has been said over and over that churches have some healing and repair work to do with the creative community - and one of the ways we can prove that we are faithful is to not only buy artists' creations but put our time, energy and resources into their well-being. The farce will be held in our Sanctuary.

Interestingly, a young, local artist who grew up in this congregation was one of the creators of this wild time that has captured the imagination of the local museum, creative vendors to say nothing of our hometown brewery. (For more details see: http://www.berkshirefoolsfestival.org/page.php?PageID=1636&PageName=Home) So if you are in town this week, stop by for a GREAT and CREATIVE good time. The play will be happening on Thursday, April 2nd at 7 pm and then Saturday and Sunday - April 4th and 5th -at both 2 and 7 pm. Should be a hoot!
PS: I should confess that my doctoral work was rooted in the Feast of Fools - both Harvey Cox's book of the same name and "Godspell," as well as the ways this ancient spirit has been realized in a spirituality of rock music. So... for me this was a no-brainer!


Laura Faeth said…
Wow. The Fool tarot card reminded me that April Fools is only a day away! The Tarot was a very helpful tool for me to follow my inner guidance after my spiritual awakening with a famous seven rock band years ago. Yes, a famous rock band sent me on an incredible journey of self-discovery into the healing power of music. I wrote a book about my experience and insights, and would be happy to send you a copy if you're interested in taking a look. laura@soundofyoursoul.com

Nice to see that others are also exploring how rock music can truly shake our souls into remembering our divine nature.
RJ said…
Thanks so much, Laura. I would love to read your book... and I will be in touch.

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