Shadows, sound, silence and symbols...

Good Friday
an evening of paradox, promise and prayer

FRIDAY, APRIL 10, 2009 @ 7 PM


27 east street, pittsfield, mass - 413-447-7351

In a season of chaos and confusion - a time when many of the old rules are crumbling and time-tested traditions no longer satisfy - it is easy to forget one of the counter-cultural truths of Good Friday: God's light can be found within the darkness for those with eyes to see. Using the music of U2, Eels, Joni Mitchell and others, you are invited to join us for a meditation in sound, silence, shadows and symbols.


ChathamKat said…
I hope to make it to this service on Good Friday. The next day we'll be attending a Seder with my husband's large and loving Jewish family. What a rich and blessed time of year this is!
And thanks for your Passover reflections today....

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