A sweet day ends...

A little purple crocus finally peeked through with a flower yesterday - and today it rained! OMG did it rain - and thunder - and lightening, too. We worshiped with our faith community in the morning and had a great time - and later talked in depth about what the "mercies of God" might mean in light of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. Then we were led in Hebrew prayer and yoga/body prayer, too. I came home with a sense that our time after Easter must include:

+ a very edgy film series including "The Third Miracle," "Jesus of Montreal," "Doubt" and "Constantine's Sword"

+ as well as a Marcus Borg meets Brian McLaren series called: Everything Must Change!

It was a sweet day - Dianne roasted a chicken and baked bread, too - which led me to this song and this poem.

Sometimes a man can't say
What he... A wind comes
And his doors don't rattle. Rain
Comes and his hair is dry.

"There's a lot to keep inside
And a lot to..." "Sometimes shame
Means we..." Children are cruel.
"He's six and his hands..."

Even Hamlet kept passing
The King praying
And the King said,
"There was something..."

And this sweet, sweet tune...


Sharon said…
Please tell me who wrote that poem "Sometimes a man can't say..."
RJ said…
I am sorry.. it is by Robert Bly in his collection Morning Poems.
don-E Merson said…
I never realized how much I liked that song until that video.

Do you remember this song that we played a few times in stranger, once on Easter?


I remember my little boy
Smiling back, face full of joy
I remember the games we did
And the joy that we’d share
I’d toss him up and catch him then
I’d watch his face light up again
I’d watch his laughing eyes and
Then he would say

“Please toss me higher
Daddy can you please?
Higher, never high enough for me
Higher, Daddy please.
When I’m higher
I feel the love you have for me.”

I remember the swing that we had
In the backyard we would play
I’d pull him back and hear his laugh and start his sway
The joy he felt I can’t forget
Back and forth, no regrets
Swinging to and fro,
I can hear his voice again

“Push me higher
Daddy won’t you please?
Higher, never high enough for me.
Push me higher
Daddy please.
When I’m higher
I feel the love you have for me.”

These times I feel again
In this bed where I will end
I see his face in light and joy comes back to me
He’s here with me in the end
My little boy, my greatest friend
I hear his words as
I take my final breath

“I’ll meet you higher
Daddy, wait for me
Higher,Our souls will be free
Higher, then you will see
When we’re higher our love will always be”


Gmaj7 /// | Cmaj7 // Dadd9 |Gmaj7/// | Cmaj7// Dadd9 | (2x)

Gmaj7 /// | Cmaj7 // Dadd9 |Gmaj7/// | Cmaj7// Dadd9 |
Gmaj7 /// | Cmaj7 // Dadd9 |Gmaj7/// | Cmaj7// Dadd9 |D7sus/C C|

Cadd9 G |Dsus Em7| Cadd9 G|Dsus Em7|
Cadd9 Dsus | B-c-d-Em7| Cadd9 G |D G| G Cadd9 d-c-b-G|
RJ said…
That was one of my favorite songs of yours, my man. I LOVED the way you sang it and the music always moved me. Thanks for sharing it again...

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