This is the evening of the day...

It is the evening of the day: we dug in the garden, we planted peas, we rested and gave thanks. It was a good Sabbath.

I spent a little time going through the books I have been wanting to read and found SIX great undiscovered treasures:

+ The World of Silence - Max Picard
+ Poetic Medicine - John Fox
+ Zen Guitar - Philip Toshio Sudo
+ Dark Night of the Soul - Gerald May
+ The Soul's Religion - Thomas Moore
+ On the Boundary - Paul Tillich

And we had a chance to watch our greatest guilty pleasure: old episodes of "Battlestar Gallactica." Tomorrow, I will finish raking the gardens and getting things ready for planting while Di is at work - and then we'll sit on the deck together and take in the sunset.

Like Maryanne Faithfull, life has slowed down a great deal: there are parts that are filled with sadness and parts that are so beautiful I can't even find words. What's more, there are delights and little surprises that make me laugh and rejoice that I used to miss completely. All in all, a truly blessed Sabbath.


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