God - Part II

One of my favorite U2 songs is Bono's reply to John Lennon called "God: Part II."

John's song on his first solo album is all about what he doesn't believe in after all the hype of the Beatles: it is part of his primal scream therapy that helped him break out of some of his demons - but obviously not all. Bono's reply is about the contradictions of life and what he does believe in - mostly importantly love.

That's what today's worship felt like to me -not the rock and roll bombast of U2's song - but the heart of the congregation which is "I... I... believe in love." Today worship was grounded in a quiet and honest conversation about the biblical texts that help us grow closer to God as adults. Being a child of God has its place, but we are also invited to "put away childish things, too" don't you think?

At any rate, rather than read scripture to the folk, I asked the congregation to share passages that have become meaningful to them - and they did it in spades! It was beautiful and very moving to me:

+ we talked about being salty a la Matthew 5 - you are to help bring out the "God flavors" in one another

+ we spoke of both Genesis 1 and 2 - alienation and creation

+ we discussed the importance of I Corinthians 13 and how we can't teach what we don't live

+ and there was even a reminder of Elijah in the cave: God comes not in the BIG things but... in the still small voice.

I was bone tired this morning - just dragging my ass to church - after time away and all the events surrounding Dianne's mother's death. And my people ministered to me today and I was so moved that I thanked them. "I had prepared a message for you today," I told them, "but you've already shared far more insights than I could ever hope to... and it all bubbled up from your lived faith. So let me put away my sermon notes and just say thank you for helping me this morning - and thank you for sharing with one another how important your lived faith really is: you are a blessing."

Like Elijah in the cave - or Bono ranting like John Lennon with a twist - the love of God often breaks into my life in the unexpected, quiet and still small voices. Today... I am grateful.


SGF said…
I am grateful as well...for being able to be there today...for your thought provoking, creative and inspiring presence....and for the courage to be who you are in this kingdom of heaven..."which is not a place, not a thing, not an institution, not a membership.
It more like an attitude, a way of seeing, a turn of imagination that makes all the difference."--Thomas Moore from Writing in the Sand-- That is what today and it seems this ministry is about and I am grateful to be a part.

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