Heading towards Thanksgiving Eve...

We had a totally GREAT band practice tonight in anticipation of our Thanksgiving Eve gig to raise Emergency Fuel Assistance funds for neighbors in need in the Berkshires this winter. Man, am I blessed to be SURROUNDED by great musicians and sweet people! One of the joys of my life has been finding musicians who are willing to share their skill with me - AND - who are also totally lovely human beings. As some of you know, there are tons of great musicians but some are a pain in the ass! Some are cruel, too.

But MY band mates... OMG they are a little bit of heaven this side of glory. Sure, we are all wounded in some ways - grieving and searching, stumbling and getting it wrong as often as we get it right - and at the same time these folk are generous, humble, talented and committed to sharing music so that it feeds the soul of all that is good, beautiful and noble in creation. As I think I noted earlier, we're going to be recording this gig for local TV - we have a crew of sweet and loving folk working the cameras, too - so I hope to be able to share some of the fun with you soon.

Made me think of Kathy Mattea and her on-going work... join us on Wednesday at 7 pm.


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