Thanksgiving blessings in Pittsfield...

Well, we had over a hundred people at last night's gig and raised over $1000 for emergency fuel assistance in the Berkshires - and MAN was it a blast! I have been blessed with making friends with a wonderful group of musicians and artists in town and they came through in spades last night.

+ First, Andy Kelly really knows how to play anything that can make music. He was on five string banjo and he played that sweet thing in every style possible. And he brought his talented son, John, to the gig to lay down a bass track and man can THAT cat play, too!

+ Second, both Linda Worster and Bert Marshall worked their magic with us. Their solo tunes were authentic blessings - and they cooked with the larger band as well - adding great guitar and vocals to the whole mix. For a taste of their blessings go to one of the following:

Bert's website:
Linda's website:

+ And third, my band and church mates totally rocked the house. They sang and played out their hearts and everyone left smiling. Like I predicted: it was a total blast. And the fact that we were able to raise over $1,000 just blows me away. Great music, great generosity and great compassion. Now I can't wait to see what the gig looks like on local TV...


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