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Earlier tonight, before the rain knocked our power out for a few hours, I had written a grim reflection on the real politik of the current Israeli-Palestinian war.
Upon further reflection, while it continues to ring true to my sense of what is happening on the ground, it is better left discarded. This is more where my heart is and points to another small step towards understanding and hope within the bleak realm of fear and death.
check it out:  http://www.itv.com/news/2014-07-23/jewsandarabsrefusetobeenemies/


Peter said…
I respect your decision. Personally I feel compelled to offer a prophetic voice ("grim"?) to the conflict, especially in balance of the Israeli-dominant view in our mainstream media.

"I can no longer keep my blinds drawn,
And I can't keep myself from talking."
--John Phillips
Twelve Thirty

RJ said…
and I respect yours, too, my man.

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