My soul thirsts...

Already it is VERY odd not to be pastor: no commitments to follow-up on, no liturgies and music to consider and rehearse, no... nothing except to be. After a bit of anxiety and a LONG, deep nap I roasted a chicken with butter/wine sauce and sat with my honey.  It was good. It IS good. And very, very odd. Earlier this day I had the chance to play some sweet jazz with my man Andy and Carlton. I am so very grateful.

So now we have entered the sabbatical and it is a blessing even as my soul turns to Psalm 42 and so I share it in French:

Comme une biche soupire après des courants d`eau, Ainsi mon âme soupire après toi, ô Dieu! Mon âme a soif de Dieu, du Dieu vivant: Quand irai-je et paraîtrai-je devant la face de Dieu? Mes larmes sont ma nourriture jour et nuit, Pendant qu`on me dit sans cesse: Où est ton Dieu?


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