Another take at the blessed virgin mary in art...

A few friends have dropped me notes re: Barbara Nicolosi's comment re: Our Lady of Sorrows in Los Angeles as a "freak." Two thoughts occur to me:  first, I don't think the sculpture is "freakish" because of the androgyny - the art to follow plays with this theme in more creative and beautiful ways - rather this sculpture fails to satisfy because it looks like it was done by committee.  (Having just been through an ecumenical worship celebration that was written by committee, I am very aware of the limitations of this approach.  There were many important things that happened today - and I am grateful - but I find it almost impossible to create beautiful art without a cohesive vision and plan.)

Second, Nicolosi's charge also stems from the fact that the sculpture was intended to be inviting and filled with compassion; instead, she appears ready to do battle.  Now, true warriors have a deeply compassionate side and calling, too but my hunch is that was not the message of the artist.  Hence, the inability of the sculpture to evoke anything resembling the human face of God with a feminine blessing.

So I started to look for other images of Mary that work better for me... not all of them will touch your heart.  But, in my soul, they work better than the Los Angeles sculpture at the Cathedral church.

Miss Bugs "Virgin Mary"

Chris Ofilli's "The Holy Virgin Mary"

A stylized Virgin Mary:  A Bridge between Islam and Christianity

Watching for Us - Mary Chriss

"Something About Mary"

Perez Hilton's "Britney Spears-Starbucks Virgin Mary"
"Virgin Mary" Richard Bagguleu
Each of these images evokes a combination of complicated reactions for me.  As a Protestant who was not raised with much contact with the Blessed Virgin, I have come to honor and appreciate what she brings into the mix.  So I take her representation in art very seriously.  So what say ye all?


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